Diet After Nose Surgery

After nose surgery, usually makes a person feel hungry. Find out which foods need to chew and squeeze which are the best type of foods. Fluids and soup consumption administered systematically.

Do Not Forget The Fiber Intake

In addition to taking soft foods which are priority, do not forget the consumption of fiber foods. In some people, after nose surgery, due to reduced mobility, or the effects of drugs, the symptoms of constipation in people may be seen, then, consumption of fibrous material will reduce this complication.

Before surgery, your hand when you chew, put on the nose. Chew slowly with your hand, move around. In normal mode, this motion is normal, but after surgery, the purpose of reducing the complications of nose surgery. This thread is supposed to get your diet intake restricted from liquids or soft foods, but also means a lack of pressure on the nose, which is why taking a chewable food can be limited.

The Absence Of Alcohol And Caffeine

The consumption of alcoholic beverages and caffeinated content just a few days after rhinoplasty is prohibited. Alcohol thins the blood and the risk of bleeding, blood clots, blood under the skin and swelling after nose surgery increases buildup. Caffeine increases blood pressure, and there are problems for the patient.


Consumption of Salt

The large amount of salt and sodium in food, resulting in more water and maintaining inflation should be. But the amount of salt intake is not a major concern for patients. The best thing to do if you are consuming salt is to see a doctor if necessary, another ingredient to add to your diet.

After nose surgery, the consumption of fruits and vegetables, fresh and natural drinks, is the best diet. With the absorption of these substances, the complications of nose surgery to a minimum and the recovery time will be shorter.

Diet is different for each individual. Your doctor on how to eat and have food, and what not to do after nose surgery, can help.